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I have 20 years' experience of making mosaics with pupils of all ages and I have worked in more than 45 schools, some have been kind enough to invite me back!. The mosaics can be for indoor or outdoor walls or mosaic paving. Prices vary depending on what you want, so please contact me for a quote.


The design is up to you! Usually I ask pupils and staff for ideas and images they’d like  in the mosaic. I design the mosaic including as many of these as possible, so that the whole school is involved in the process. I’ll agree the design with you, and then come into your school to make the mosaic with the children. Staff are also welcome to join in.

I use washable PVA glue to secure the mosaic pieces to a template. I take the mosaic away to finish it off and grout it, so that no potentially hazardous processes are done in school Children will learn about design, colour and tone and how to use hand held tile cutters.

 I have DBS certificates and Public Liability Insurance

Sitwell_Infant_School_mosaics 2019.jpg

Kettlewell Primary School Mosaic 2022

Oakworth Park Special (secondary) School Mosaic, with artist, awaiting delivery 2023

Cracoe and Rylstone Primary School Mosaic 2022

Sitwell Infants School mosaics 2019

Ben Rhydding Primary School Paving Mosaic 2017

Lighthouse.Stonewater.Nature.mosaic (2).jpg

These 3 mosaics were made in 2021 with students at The Lighthouse School, an autism specialist secondary school, Leeds. Each mosaic measures 1.13m diameter and feature the old hospital, nature and local history. This project was funded by Stonewater Housing Association's development of the old Cookridge Hospital building as social housing

This mosaic was designed, and made in one school day, by the pupils at Boston Spa Primary School,  for the school garden


Pool Primary School Mosaics for the School Garden

2 stars installing.jpg

Installing two star mosaics in Starbeck Primary School, Harrogate in 2012. Every pupil in the school was involved in making these wonderful mosaics

These two outdoor wall mosaic panels were designed and  made by children at Town End Primary School in Derbyshire

Mosaic workshop in our Otley studio

Oakworth Primary School Outdoor Wall-mounted Mosaic

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